This is dedicated to the generation that “crossed the widest of oceans and for decades helped keep alive the belief in America. Their period, a lifetime, is but a blink in the eye of history. The historical significance of their moment can easily be overlooked. One must therefore freeze an event, examine it, trace its roots, capture its meaning, ascertain its relationship to the future, and properly place it in the pyramid of ones heritage. All this we do least we deprive ourselves that part of the accumulated philosophic learning from which we gain insight and even wisdom as to the nature of our world. Understanding and maintaining the memory strengthens also the significance of one’s life not in the context of pride and arrogance, exclusionary by nature, but in the appreciation for life, the value of living, the concept of bayanihan and the inclusive humanity that binds us together as one.”

--Sid A. Valledor, 2003
The Original Writings of Philip Vera Cruz